Behavior, Classification of

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Behavior may be classified from

a) an external point of view, especially by distinguishing whether or not it follows an evolutionary direction, that is, a line of growing adaptation, and

b) an internal point of view, especially noting whether it involves a growing integration and strength or a growing disintegration. The register of integration is one of internal equilibrium, being without contradictions and in internal accord with oneself, of harmony in the work of the centers of response.

From the point of view of growing adaptation, the more interesting behaviors allow the greatest number of options or possibilities of response; this in turn saves energy which may then be used for qualitatively new steps or levels of adaptation. A change of conduct or behavior is considered significant when a psychological moment or situation ends.

The contents of the old situation, with their characteristic themes and plots, gradually wear out until the situation completely finishes; the psyche can then direct itself towards a new situation as an articulated response of its relationship with the world.