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Open forum of N.H. in which organizations and individuals participate to exchange contributions and experiences based on their interests, generally formalized in the following areas: 1) health; 2) education; 3) human rights; 4) anti-discrimination; 5) ethnicity and cultures; 6) science and technology; 7) ecology; 8) art and popular expression; 9) religiosity; 10) grassroots groups of the social base; 11) political parties; 12) alternative movements; 13) alternative economies.

Convened by The Community for Human Development, the first h.f. took place in Moscow on October 7-8, 1993; the second in Mexico City on January 7-9, 1994; and the third in Santiago, Chile on January 7-8, 1995.

Regional Latin American Forums were held in Quito (2006) and La Paz (2007).

An African Humanist Forum was held in Dakar in 2006. In 2007, an American Humanist Forum was held in New York and an Asian Forum in Mumbai.