Collected Works, Volume I

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Collection of 7 books by Silo first published in spanish in 1998



Three writings in poetic prose: The Inner Look, The Internal Landscape and The Human Landscape. They address human existence from its most profound interiority to everyday life in the world.

It is divided into two parts: Tales and Playing with Images. These are, at first glance, short stories with happy endings. At the same time, they may be appreciated as psychological practices based on an original literary form.

Includes two essays of philosophical reflection: Psychology of the Image and Historiological Discussions.

Was written with the interest of comparing the basic systems of tension in which the peoples who formed the great myths of humankind lived.

This is a collection of stories in the fantastic genre that, rather than carrying readers into the worlds of dreams, subtly brings them face to face with the central issues of life.

This is a collection of ten open letters expressing Silo's sociopolitical philosophy in a form that is both critique and proposal for change — and has provoked a wide spectrum of sometimes conflicting opinions.

Contains a broad range of the author's spoken words spanning three decades.


Complete traslation of all books into: french (but not edited), italian, english

Original edition

Editions in other languages

Italian, Multimage, 2000

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