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Welcome !!

This link has been keeping in evolution.

Everyone can just install again this wiki 'Humanipedia' Humanist Encyclopedia. There are very little themes inside, but there is a tremendous intention to fill more arguments that would make these pages more interested for everyone. If you feel to make these pages more interested, you can register and then start working. Please after registration send an email to to have permission to edit articles. If you articles are not written with violent and discrimination, well you will be enjoyed with us. HUMANIPEDIA is for everyone who wants to help others to grow up in a better world humanizing the planet earth. Recently, It started with the insertion of Dictionary of New Humanism, Glossary of Self Liberation and Calendar of the Universal Human Nation .

The new logo ist by Emiliano Granatelli.

More details on the menu: instructions.

They find a model insertion of a book referring to the term Humanize the Earth. Find a model of insertion of an image 'referring to the term Adaptation: copy the tag at the end where you want to put the image and then load the corresponding file.

We are looking for more english spoken people to work on this project. You are welcome if you are able to write English very well.

Many thanks.

The developer team

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