Catharsis, Steps of

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a) The subject does an internal examination for a few minutes to pinpoint themes he would have the greatest resistance in telling the guide.

b) The subject relaxes externally.

c) The guide says random words interspersed with other "key" words related to the three central themes, and the subject replies to the guide's words.

d) the guide determines which words are key for the subject by noting the subject's reaction to previous words‑any delays, tension, blockage, hesitation, etc. indicate a key word. e) The guide says two or more key words together and the subject answers with two or more words; they then progress to key phrases, until finally the guide kindly and gently asks the subject to express himself freely while the guide says less and less. f) There may or may not then be physical concomitances such as crying, laughing, etc.

And finally, the subject may end the catharsis if this happens or whenever he wishes to.