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A N.H. social and cultural organization founded by Silo (Siloism), emerging in Argentina and Chile during the period of military dictatorships. Initial organization began in the 1970s, although the founding documents were published on January 8, 1981. Outspoken criticism of violence, discrimination, and authoritarianism by this organization earned it frequent persecution. Simply for belonging to it, members were dismissed from their jobs, jailed, or exiled. The institution will continue to remember the assassination of some of its militants at the hands of paramilitary gangs, among them the nefarious “Triple A” (Argentine Anticommunist Association). Following numerous incidents of harassment and detention, its founder was the target of several assassination attempts, among them one on August 12, 1981. Many participants and sympathizers of this organization were exiled to countries in Europe, where they continued their activities. Persecution of N.H. organizations has continued, but now that the social context has changed, they can no longer be falsely accused of “guerrilla tactics” or “subversion” as they were in decades past. Today, the most reactionary sectors of the right and religious fundamentalists of various kinds limit themselves to defamatory rhetoric, attempts to manipulate the communications media and to censor and remove from circulation the writings, declarations, and documents of this movement (Centers for Humanist Communication; World Center for Humanist Studies; Humanist Centers of Cultures; Humanist Associations and Clubs; Humanist Forum; Humanist International; Humanist Movement).