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(planetarization) Refers to the complex of problems currently affecting all inhabitants of the Earth. Of interest to all peoples, and their solution demands coordinated action by all the world’s states and international organizations. Among these problems priority needs to be given to the protection of the environment on a global level; effective guarantees of human rights in all spheres; guarantees for the free development of all cultures with equality of rights for all states and nations; guarantees of peace and disarmament; the prevention of nuclear war and local conflicts; balancing the growth of population and the resources of food, energy and raw materials necessary to sustain that growth; appropriate use of the resources of the world’s oceans and outer space; and the elimination of poverty and overcoming of underdevelopment. These diverse global problems share a common nature in that they are the result of social progress, of the secular struggles in the course of the development of humankind, and their solution cannot be other than joint and systemic, a product of effective international cooperation by all states, institutions, organizations and movements. Solving these problems calls for the formation of a mentality that is systemic and global, capable of counteracting and moving beyond national and group egoism, while manifesting respect for cultural diversity, national sovereignty and human rights – above all the right to a decent life.