Grassroots social organizzations

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Organizations that arise through the initiative of residents and neighbors of communities, ghettos and poor neighborhoods of larger cities, towns, other residential areas and universities. Their creation is due to common interests, to a coinciding of people’s intentions, sympathies and preferences. They are informal organizations, and do not have a closed character, permanent activities, or fixed bylaws. They are open to all residents. Unlike the organizations of political parties, they do not function in the electoral process, but do at times issue moral assessments on political issues that affect the life of the neighborhoods, and they can work in defense of human rights, always emphasizing the right to life and the free expression of ideas and opinions. When circumstances permit, these grassroots organizations sometimes publish neighborhood or campus newspapers that reflect local life. They focus on neighborhood issues and problems, protection of the environment, humanitarian questions, and artistic life. In this project people learn numerous skills and forms of expression. Such organizations form the foundation of civil society, and they cooperate in the establishment and development of the democratic system in their respective countries and in international cooperation based on equality and mutual respect. N.H. respects the sovereignty of these organizations, takes part in their activities, and supports them in all senses. Often it helps establish coordination between different community organizations of the base.