Landscape of formation

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The individual’s emplacement at any moment in their life is effected through representations of past events and more-or-less possible future occurrences, such that, upon comparing them to phenomena in the present, they enable the individual to structure what is referred to as their “present situation.” However, it is impossible for this inevitable process of representation that is done before the unfolding events to make such events have, in and of themselves, the structure that the individual attributes to them. The term l. of f., refers to the events that each human being has lived through since birth, and in relation to an environment. However, the influence of a person’s l. of f. is not given merely by a biographically-formed temporo- intellectual perspective, and from which the individual observes the present; rather, it is a matter of a continual adjustment of situations based on one’s own experiences. In this sense, the l. of f. acts as a “backdrop” for one’s interpretations and actions, and as a constellation of beliefs and valuations that an individual or a generation lives (*Generations) by.