Movement of nonaligned nations

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A movement of states that have declared their foreign policies as based on non-participation in military or political blocs. This movement condemns colonialism, neo-colonialism and racism, defends the independence and sovereignty of all countries, and advocates peaceful coexistence, nuclear disarmament, and the reorganization of international economic relations. The first conference was held in September 1961 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and included 25 nonaligned states. 102 nonaligned nations took part in the 1989 conference. The movement arose as a protest against the division of the world into two political-military blocs and against related interventions in the life of neutral or non-belligerent countries, which were often dragged into the Cold War by the great powers. Its international influence diminished considerably after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact (1991) and the collapse of the USSR. This movement continues its activities, although its objectives are far from being realized.