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Pertaining or relating to a nation. Doctrine and movement glorifying the national personality or what is presented as such by its proponents; doctrine of political, economic, and/or cultural redress of grievances for oppressed nationalities. Modern political science distinguishes the term national, which reflects the legitimate interests of each nation that are without prejudice to other nations, from nationalistic, in which the selfish interests and desires of oppressing strata are cloaked beneath “national interest,” and which provokes conflicts with other nations. In the latter, n. becomes chauvinism, in which the rights of other nations and oppressed national minorities are disregarded and violated. N.H. supports the just demands of oppressed nations and ethnic groups, but opposes the exaggeration of national sentiments to the point that human rights are infringed, some people are turned against others on national, ethnic, or ethno-religious grounds, or the human dignity of other people is not respected. No one can violate the rights of a person or people by appealing to an alleged preeminence of national interests.