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Designation of the array of groups of heterogeneous philosophical ideas and political orientations which emerged in the decades of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century. It is made up primarily of students and intellectuals along with an influx of the “new poor.” These groups are critical of social inequality, the crushing of the personality, and the growing exploitation, consumerism and moral decadence that characterize the developed countries. At the same time, they criticize the Communists for their bureaucratization, anti-humanism and corruption. One sector of the N.L. has embraced the methods of violence and practiced terrorism. Other groups have deviated toward nationalism, racism, or religious fundamentalism, some even allying themselves with neo-Nazi groups. Another part of the N.L. has sought a way out of the global crisis through a resurgent anarchism. Still other groups have joined socialist and social-democratic parties, while others have joined environmental, feminist and youth movements and organizations.