On Wings of Intent: a Biography of Silo

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Book by Trudi Richards.

On Wings of Intent is a biography of Silo, Mario Luis Rodriguez Cobo, "Sage of the Andes."

Born in Argentina in 1938, Mario Rodriguez was a brilliant thinker, prolific writer, champion gymnast, and charismatic speaker who attracted a following in the 1960s for his revolutionary approach to nonviolent social and personal transformation. Renouncing a career as a gymnast to develop the current of thought known as New or Universal Humanism, he founded the all-volunteer international Humanist Movement, which by the year 2000 had over a million adherents on five continents. In the new millennium he published Silo's Message, inspiring the birth of the international Community of Silo's Message and the building of Parks of Study and Reflection around the world. When the Humanist Movement carried out the World March for Peace and Nonviolence in 2009, he spoke on Active Nonviolence before the Berlin Nobel Peace Laureates' Summit. Today Silo is recognized as a groundbreaking thinker and writer in humanist psychology, philosophy, and other fields, and thousands regard him as one of the true spiritual guides of our time.